andre levy a.k.a. zhion


One fun fact (and several serious ones) about Zhion.


Andre Levy Silva also known as Zhion is a pop illustrator and visual artist based in Frankfurt, Germany. His works translate complex concepts in simple and iconic images, edged by contemporary cultural references and a provocative sense of humor. Over 15 years experience in advertising and communication design both in Brazil and Germany add versatility and a universal approach when compressing his ideas (and others’) into strong visuals.

As a visual artist, Zhion’s concepts go beyond the apparent superficiality of his “fun” pieces, always challenging the viewer to read the sub-lines and encouraging critical thinking towards social conventions and norms.

With main focus on digital illustration, Zhion expands his possibilities by constantly experimenting with the more traditional drawing, sculpting and printing techniques. Lowbrow, surrealism, pop art, comics and urban art movements are visibly some of his biggest aesthetic influences.

Fun fact: Zhion can’t drive but he can turn you into a drag queen. And those two things are not related at all.
— Puberty Plural, drag queen

Interviews and Online Articles

• Interview with Illustrator Andre Levy - Creative Digest, 2016
• Savvy Miniaturist Mints Pop Culture Portraits on Coins - Hyperallergic, 2014
• Man paints Underwear on Rocks to Protest Nudity Censorship - Mashable, 2015
Malen statt zahlen - Zeit Magazin, 2015 (in german)
Brasileiro em Frankfurt faz Arte em Moedas - Deutsche Welle, 2015 (in portuguese)
• Interview with the creator of Tales You Lose - Gazduna, 2013 

Individual and Group Exhibitions

• Recovered (2018, Miss Tula Trash’s Trashland, Frankfurt, Germany)
• BlümchenSex (2016, Palmengarten, Frankfurt, Germany)
• Blooom International Art Fair (2015, Cologne, Germany)
• Cook Pass Babtridge (2015, Moosey Art, Norwich, UK)
• Intersubjective (2015, Go Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
• 4x4 (2014, Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, Canada)
• It has Character (2014, Preview Gallery, London, UK)
• Art in My Mouth 2 (2014, Stew Gallery, Norwich, UK)


• Katz, Eva - Think Small (Chronicle Books, 2018)
• Parazita Kusok 5 - Peace (Russia, 2017)
• Blackstreets Magazine #2 (Germany, 2016)
• Revista Mine (Spain, 2016)
• ZEITMagazin (Germany, 2015)
• VNA Magazine (UK, 2015)
• Blackstreets Magazine (Germany, 2015)
• Forbes (Spain, 2015)
• Vogue Gioiello (Italy, 2014)
• UC Quarterly (USA, 2013)
• Project “Tales You Lose” featured on several international newspapers, magazines and specialized blogs. (2013-2016)
• Logo selected for the book Los Logos 4 (Gestalten, Germany, 2008)

Clients —

DHL, Daimler, Nescafé, Coca-Cola, Dolce Gusto, Kia Motors, Merck, ING, Mazda Belgium, Ogilvy&Mather, Herren der Schöpfung, Leo Burnett, GGH MullenLowe, Vogue Gioiello, Donna Magazin, O2 Germany, Allianz, Deutsche Bahn, Zurich Insurances, Sony Electronics, Nestlé Foods Brasil, Unilever, Tam Airlines, Mitsubishi Motors, Accor Hotels, Kraft Foods.

Awards & Honors —

Mazda Belgium: Selected artist for collaborative designer car 2016. Fanta Germany: Illustration selected for 75th Anniversary Package. Deutsche Bahn: Best Career Portal - Employer Branding Awards 2014. Deutsche Bahn Employer Branding Campaign: Silver - Effie Awards 2013. Zurich Insurances: Silver - Annual Multimedia Awards 2013, Bronze - Caples Awards 2012, Shortlist - Ame Awards 2013. "Loser" Mobile Loop Animation: Shortlist - AnimaMundi 2008. Nissin Lámen: Shortlist - Cannes Festival 2008. Hellmann's: Gold - Premio About 2008, Silver - ABEMD 2008, Bronze - NY Festival 2007, Bronze - Sinos Festival 2007, Shortlist - Cannes Festival 2007, Shortlist - One Show 2007.