Content Farming

Besides developing illustrations – in a variety of styles – I've been over the course of two years the lead creative behind the social media content team for Nescafé Global, coordinating art directors and copywriters to create content on a daily basis that would later be adapted, seen, liked and shared in more than 50 Countries.

It all started with a Red Mug

Bellow, some of the content pieces crafted for Nescafé in between 2013-2015.


The Case: Content Ping-Pong


Transform real life love for NESCAFÉ into increased social media adoration and user engagement. Win more fans organically - in a fun and social way. Without buying them with media, incentives, lotteries or apps.


We served up enjoyable, shareable posts and encouraged our fans to create and share comments, posts and photos with us. As they did, more and more people discovered NESCAFÉ online and started playing. Together, we turned Facebook procrastination into user generated creativity.


With over one million fans added every month, our fan base has grown from 1.6 million to 17 million in one year. Together, we created 10,000 unique content pieces and gained over 10 million likes, comments and shares. Making NESCAFÉ one of the fastest growing beverage brands on Facebook in 2013.

Andre Levy a.k.a. Zhion is a Brazilian illustrator, art director and visual artist based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. With over 10 years experience in advertising and communication design, he combines a peculiar bizarre-cute style with visual simplicity, always aiming for iconic ways to convey messages.

As a visual artist, his works are often provocative, approaching themes such as sexuality, gender, religion and social relations with a bold point of view. His main motivation is to encourage questioning and critic thinking towards stablished concepts. Pop and urban art movements are some of his biggest aesthetic influences and can be easily identified within his imagery and media choices.

Zhion is mostly known for his project Tales You Lose, in which he paints famous characters from pop culture over the faces of kings and presidents on coins.