Mama's Milk

All is Full of Milk

The female breast is portrayed and reproduced in this project as an icon of women’s generative and sexual power. By feminizing a milk carton, the line between still-life and portrait becomes as blurred as the line between eroticism and maternity is. If without feeding there is no maintenance of life, without sexual desire there wouldn’t be any life at all.


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Andre Levy a.k.a. Zhion is a Brazilian illustrator, art director and visual artist based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. With over 10 years experience in advertising and communication design, he combines a peculiar bizarre-cute style with visual simplicity, always aiming for iconic ways to convey messages.

As a visual artist, his works are often provocative, approaching themes such as sexuality, gender, religion and social relations with a bold point of view. His main motivation is to encourage questioning and critic thinking towards stablished concepts. Pop and urban art movements are some of his biggest aesthetic influences and can be easily identified within his imagery and media choices.

Zhion is mostly known for his project Tales You Lose, in which he paints famous characters from pop culture over the faces of kings and presidents on coins.